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Video inspiration, no matter what department you work in!

Video is a communication tool often associated with marketing and external communication. However, video shouldn't be limited to marketing or to only one department: it should be used as a communication tool across the entire organization.

Get inspired to create engaging videos for your department with some examples and tips on how to start using video to drive better results. 

Human Resources

HR managers have to convey messages about safety, change, hiring and general company updates, these can be both positive messages, and not so positive messages. And to be able to do this, it is essential that HR use the most effective and clear communication method. Video is the perfect tool to help do just that. Below are a few examples of how HR can get the most out of their communication efforts with videos.


Video is perfect for training, whether that is showing a new software or simple tips and tricks on how to handle situations. Here is an example video we created to show HR how you could use video for training.

Training Video (16_9)



The video below is a great example of a simple recruitment video from Spotify. In this video, the are highlighting their values and what they can offer their employees with only text, color and simple animations.


Customer Success

Customer Success doesn't always have an easy job, they need to communicate with customers to keep them engaged, but also if they are not satisfied with your product or need help. Video is an easy way to create a more personal experience for your customers, and also communicate clearly. Customer Success can have videos for things such as:

How to's

This is an example of our own how-to videos. This shows how to best align messages in videos, and also how to do this in VIBBIO so customers can easily understand how to optimize their videos.


Product tours

A product tour video is a great way to get new users acquainted with your product or service, so they can get the most out of it and the best experience possible. Below is an example from headspace.



It is essential for your sales team to make an impression and show potential customers why your product or service can be of use to them. Getting a response from a prospect can be incredibly difficult because people are busy and might not have time to read through all the sales emails they receive. Video can be a helpful tool to get their attention when reaching out.

Here is a couple of examples of good sales videos:

Introduction to the product

This example is a video one of our own Account Managers use to send out in emails. It clearly describes the product quickly and it also gives the reach out more of a personal feel!

Kristas sales pitch (16_9)



Although we talked about how video isn't only for marketing, it doesn't mean we should forget that video is taking over the digital marketing space. Creating frequent video content for your company is becoming more and more important. Here are a couple of examples of what you can create videos for.

Content promotion

Another example from us (because we need to practice what we preach right) where we are promoting our eGuides through a video ad. It's simple and to the point, but very effective.

Marketing X Brand 3 (11)


Customer Stories

A great way to promote your company is through letting others share their experience. That's why good customer stories are gold! And why not make them even more personal and genuine by creating a video about it. Here is a good example from Grammarly.


Hopefully this blog post served some inspiration for how to get started with video for different departments! Contact us if you want to give video creation a try with VIBBIO🌟

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Ine Autzen

Ine Autzen

Marketing Manager