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Why Video And Customer Success Is The Perfect Fit

It's not a secret anymore that people prefer video – and this is something that customer success departments should take advantage of. As a Customer Success Manager, one of my main goals is to get the customers to succeed (duh 😜) - I want them to learn, grow and get the most out of VIBBIO. To accomplish this I use video... a lot! With video, I can easily onboard, train and help customers on their way to becoming VIBBIO pros.

Why I Use Video

I use video for two different reasons:

  1. To build a relationship
  2. And to support that relationship

– all with the focus of getting the customer to succeed! 

As you can see, both of my reasons have the relationship in the center. I cannot stress the importance of the relationship between the customer success representative and the client enough, where the focus of that relationship should always be to help them move towards their goals.

How I Use Video

When a new account signs up, I contact them and we schedule an on-boarding and training sessions over video call. This is where we start the process of building the relationship. Never forget that people are visual beings, and that's why it's important to put a face to the name and let each other get to know each others mimics and cues.

To lower the barrier for reaching out after the call, I let them know that I am available in their preferred method of contact - but I also know that for most, the preferred way of learning, is to simply figure it out for themselves.

Three women working on their computers.

One thing to remember is that people like to be in control. People are also busy, and I do not want to waste their time. And this, my friends, is where video just entered the room again. Because, it is important to have videos available for customers to watch if they feel stuck, are facing a problem or need some inspiration, to help them get back in the driver seat. Which means that videos now are replacing that 20-40 minutes call or chat.

This is why we have built a Help Center that all users have access to. Based on where the user is in the customer journey, we also send out emails and in-app messages - all containing videos of course, again, because people are visual beings and prefer video rather then reading text!


5 Examples On How We Use Video For Customer Success

1. Introduction to the platform 

When a new user signs up, we send a welcome email with an introduction video that gives a quick tour of the main product areas.


2. Videos Showing How To Use The Product

This is a great way for new users to get familiar with how the product works.


3. Explaining How Different Features Work

We have help articles on how to use all the different features in the platform. When we are launching new features, we always write a help article and create a video explanation of how to use that new feature.


4. Best Practice Videos

We have also created videos with tips and tricks on best practice, so the customers can become the best that they can be.


5. Inspirational Videos

And, we also have a collection of video examples that customers can make with VIBBIO to get their creative juices flowing when they are feeling stuck.


So to recap: Video is the perfect communication method to build a relationship with your customers, and retain it. Don't waste their time with long chats back and forth, when video can actually show them how things are done in a quick and easy way.

All I got to say is - how can you not love video? 😄

You can try our video creation tool for free for seven days. Click the button below to get started. 

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Emilie Lyrholm Harr

Emilie Lyrholm Harr

Customer Success Manager