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Explore how to maximize the potential of video communication in your marketing, HR, or internal comms role.

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Tips and tricks

How To Shoot Quality Videos With Your Phone

Many people think that they need a fancy camera to shoot high quality video content. The truth is that your phone...

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Tips and tricks, How we made the video

How we made the video: Recruitment video 👩🏼‍💻

Using video to recruit new employees gives you the opportunity to show potential applicants more than just the...

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Internal communication, HR

How to recruit new employees with video

Recruiting is not easy, you want to find the talent that has the qualities that you look for, but that will also go...

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Internal communication, HR

How to keep your internal communications going strong

Many businesses have this past year experienced switching to home-office, as we've done what we can to protect our...

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Customer Story

How Sopra Steria use video as part of their communication strategy 🌟

Video communication has been a big part of the communication strategy at Sopra Steria Norway over the last few...

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Tips and tricks, Microlearning

5 Reasons why microlearning is The New Black of corporate learning

If you want to deliver training effectively to your employees, it must be done in a way that works for them, around...

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