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Tina Wold   |  

October 08 2020

Why Elkjøp Norway chose VIBBIO as their video creation tool 📸

Elkjøp Norway has elevated their internal and external communication with on-the-go videos that resonate with their audience. By changing their approach to video creation, they have managed to make it more accessible as a tool for employees to communicate better and also engage their audience with their communication!

We sat down to have a chat with Madeleine Schøyen Bergli, who is Head of Communication at Elkjøp Norway and a video creation superstar🌟Here is some of the things she had to say about how they use video and why they chose to use VIBBIO.

Why video?

– We have chosen to focus on video as part of our communication strategy because we get to showcase ourselves on a whole different level, both internally and externally. If there is a story we want to share, it just becomes so much more engaging with video.


What sort of videos do you create?

– I really like a show-and-tell, simple videos, with a clear context, that is easy to relate to and interact with. A ‘Customer’s Day’ video we did, resulted in the submission of 2-300 images and lots of clips from our employees, so we received loads of content to create videos from.


"We are under the impression that everyone is capable of creating videos. Everyone has a phone to film with, and anyone can create videos with VIBBIO" - Madeleine Schøyen Bergli, Head of Communications, Elkjøp Norway


Why did you go for VIBBIO?

– When we decided we wanted to create more videos, we were looking for a simple tool to use. We didn't have a lot of resources for video, and when we stumbled across VIBBIO, we just thought "let's test it".

It didn't take us long to realize how easy it is to use – we got a feeling of just adding some video clips, writing some text, and then we received a finished video out on the other end. And now with some practice, testing, and learning in place, the results are starting to become very good.

Previously when we were creating videos both for internal and external use, there was more planning required, and we had to make sure we had all the right equipment to film. Now we are much quicker, and the bar is lower for how we film content - whether we use a phone on a tripod, or if we use a more professional camera, it doesn’t matter because it is faster. 

We are under the impression that everyone is capable of creating videos. Everyone has a phone to film with, and anyone can create videos with VIBBIO.


How has using VIBBIO added value?

– Since we started with VIBBIO, we feel that we have been able to really up our game, and we have dared to take our internal style of production out more externally also.

For us, it was essential that our videos would be on-brand because it needs to be clear for the viewer that the videos are from us. With VIBBIO, our logos are set, our intros and outros are always on the videos, and it's just very easy.

But it has also given us great value in the sense that we save time creating videos, we create engagement, and we also have more fun at work! So it has absolutely added lots of value.


See full interview with Madeleine here:



Elkjøp Norway is someone we at VIBBIO look at as a great example of how to incorporate video into multiple aspects of a communication strategy, whether that is introducing new hires internally or promoting a product externally to customers.

Feeling inspired by Madeleine? Here's an example of a internal training video Elkjøp Norway has created with VIBBIO:



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Tina Wold

Tina Wold

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