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Ine Autzen   |  

August 26 2020

How Capgemini use video for success🌟

Capgemini has made the decision to incorporate video into their communication strategy because they believe video is the future, and more importantly the best format for them to reach their audience!

We had a chat with Nina Zimmer, who works with external communications at Capgemini Norway, about how they have implemented video to their communication strategy and the results they've seen. Read the full interview with Capgemini and see examples of videos they have created to increase engagement on their content!

What is it you use video for the most at Capgemini?

We mostly use it in Employer Branding to attract new talents. We do this by creating videos on projects, culture, social gatherings etc. to show who we are and what they can be part of.

We also use videos to promote initiatives that we are part of or partnerships with clients or organizations. Examples are our contributions during Arendalsuka or Women @ Capgemini’s workshop on Tenk Tech Camp where we learn girls to code.


Why have Capgemini chosen to incorporate video into their communication strategy?

Because video is the future! We think this is the best format to reach our audience. Society overloads us with information every day and we need to wrap our message in a more clever way that is also exciting and we believe video is the best way to do that. It's also an excellent way to make our employees more visible to clients, partners, and colleagues – in that way our external communication also functions as internal communication.

Have you seen a change in the engagement level when you use video instead of written content for communication either internally or externally? If so, do you have an example you could share?

Yes, we definitely see a change. We usually use our videos for social media, and we see that engagement is increasing and that we have more dialogue with our followers. A good example is when we advertise new positions through video instead of text.

How has VIBBIO changed the way you work with video creation?

It's easier and more effective. All we need to do is to create a storyline and secure good footage and then VIBBIO does the rest. It looks professional, it's easy for everyone in the organization to use and it's quick!

What would be your best tips for someone considering incorporating video into their communication strategy?

Do it!

How do you decide what should be a video vs written content?

If we want to tell a long and complex story we usually choose written content, but if not we think video is a great choice to give our followers a glimpse on who we are, what we do and/or communicate practical things.

Do you have an example of a video that has performed particularly well? And if so, why do you think that is? 

We have had several successful videos. Now, during COVID-19 it's been especially helpful to reach out to clients with videos on how to remain secure during home office (cybersecurity) or give information on counseling on Microsoft Teams. But it has also been great to connect with colleagues through motivational videos from the leader group etc.

Would you recommend VIBBIO to other companies? If so, why?

Yes, I would! Because it’s an easy platform to work on, it's quick and effective, it looks professional and everyone can use it! And they’re super nice 😊

Thank you to Nina for taking the time to chat with us! We are so impressed with how Capgemini has embraced video creation and are sharing quality content with their audience. Below are some more of our favorite videos made by Capgemini with VIBBIO.



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Ine Autzen

Ine Autzen

Marketing Manager