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Free stock videos are here 💃

Do you know this feeling of having a great idea for a video, jumping into creating it, only to realize that you're missing a clip for this one message? Cue frantic googling for freely available content and weeding through countless results of questionable quality, not to mention licensing.

We've certainly been there.

That's why we added Unsplash's large selection of royalty-free stock photos to our project workspaces some time ago. Their excellent quality-content looks great in almost any context.

Screenshot of VIBBIO Platform Libary


Today, we're happy to announce that we have added stock-videos with the same permissive license. 🎉

All of Pexels' extensive collection of high-quality content is now ready for VIBBIO customers to use, right from their projects' workspace.

We've been using stock-images and videos in our own content for quite some time, and we're excited to see what our customers will create.

Want to try our video creation platform? Click the button below to get a free trial. 

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Alexandra Leisse

Alexandra Leisse

VP of Product