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5 Reasons why microlearning is The New Black of corporate learning

If you want to deliver training effectively to your employees, it must be done in a way that works for them, around an already busy schedule. Deliver training in smaller, more focused "video bites" that can be easily learned without committing large amounts of time to training.

Microlearning uses small moments of learning to drive job performance and employee development. Short and to the point, microlearning is based on a topic or problem.

1. Enhanced Learning

Everything we learn is processed through “Working Memory”. Research says that “Working Memory” can only carry 3 to 5 bits of information at any given time. Microlearning reduces the overload on working memory and increases knowledge retention.

2. Right in ‘time of need'

Microlearning focuses on a single topic, task, or learning objective at a time. Stand-alone modules make it highly suited for “right in time” online training. Learners can easily access short video courses on their mobile phones, pick the exact topic they want to learn in the hour of need, without having to go through large amounts of training material.

3. Learning ‘on the go'

Mobile now represents 65% of digital media time, while the desktop is quickly becoming a secondary screen for an increasing number of digital users. Microlearning on mobile enables learners with truly "anywhere anytime" learning.

4. A higher sense of achievement

Learners enjoy video learning and feel a higher sense of achievement with microlearning. Completing 2–3 short modules gives a better sense of achievement than being halfway through one long term traditional training program that takes up a significant amount of time.

5. An increase in ROI

Microlearning reduces the overall duration and cost of training delivery, leading to an increase in ROI on training budgets. Bite-sized learning provides quick and impactful learning that fits into the schedule of even the busiest person.

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Marianne Bratt Ricketts

Marianne Bratt Ricketts

Founder and CEO of VIBBIO