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Explore how to maximize the potential of video communication in your marketing, HR, or internal comms role.

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Internal communication, HR

Video inspiration, no matter what department you work in!

Video is a communication tool often associated with marketing and external communication. However, video shouldn't...

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4 Ways To Use Video For Events

Are you in charge of marketing and PR for an event? There are several ways you can promote an event, and using video...

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Tips and tricks, Internal communication

How we made the video: Interview Video

It is not always easy to find out what to create videos about, and how to do it. So we figured we'd create an...

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Internal communication

How to get tooled up for workplace communication in a changed work environment

How has your communication been lately? Difficult, or easier than expected?

The situation we find ourselves in I...

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Tips and tricks, Internal communication

Video tips: How to write a text for a video format!

One of the biggest challenges when creating a video can be to figure out how do I write content that is suited and...

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Tips and tricks

How To Shoot Quality Videos With Your Phone

Many people think that they need a fancy camera to shoot high quality video content. The truth is that your phone...

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