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Key Insights from Inbound 2018

Posted by Tana Blegen on Sep 19, 2018 9:46:30 AM
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Inbound 2018 is officially over, and it has left us both really inspired and somewhat exhausted. Put 25,000 marketers together, pack 4 days full of keynotes and breakout sessions, and it was bound to happen.

For us, it was no surprise that Inbound this year was full of talk about video (and it was about time). However, since we spend all of our time living and breathing video marketing for the rest of the year, we thought we would spend some time getting caught up on all the other marketing trends out there. We learned a lot, and naturally we wanted to share it with you 😄




1. The Funnel has been retired, now it's all about the Flywheel - a more customer centric model

Brian Halligan spent a lot of his keynote presentation explaining his new idea of the Flywheel replacing the traditional Funnel. I must admit to being a little skeptical at first, thinking that this was just a new buzzword just for the sake of it. Because while the Funnel is linear, the Flywheel is a wheel (duh), and takes into account how your growth can spark even more growth! You can read more about this over on HubSpot's blog

Whether you're into this new Flywheel model or not, you should check out our article on how to use video in inbound marketing


2. MQA is the new MQL - Account Based Marketing has moved from buzzword to actionable strategy

ABM has been a huge buzzword for the past 2 years, and we're probably not alone in trying to figure out how to align it with Inbound marketing. This year, we finally got some actionable tips. 

  • Forget the buzzwords - it's all about being authentic in the way you communicate with your potential customers. Being account based simply means being present where your leads are, and communicating with them on their terms - not forcing them through your pre-conceived buyers journey.
  • Implement leadscoring on account-basis instead of lead-basis. This makes so much sense when you consider it - if you only focus on single contacts, you might be missing the big picture.
  • Use video. We know, seems obvious coming from us, but we can't avoid mentioning it, as it's such a large part of our takeaway. Video is extremely powerful when it comes to authenticity in your communication - from larger scale campaigns to 1:1 personalized mentions.


3. Marketing is heading in a more personal direction, and taking the time to segment your audience will pay off

Continuing on the theme of account based marketing, a huge topic in the breakout sessions this year was personalised marketing. To spark engagement in this day and age where your audience is constantly being blasted with content from every angle, you need to communicate with your audience in a way that feels personal to them. 

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4. Being honest and talking about problems can be a huge business advantage

Tell your potential customers about your problems and flaws. Now this one honestly felt wrong to me at first, but hear me out. Since we have this great thing called the Internet, almost all information is accessible to your potential customers anyway. This means that whether you tell them or not, they're going to find out about your company's flaws, problems and competitors. So why not be honest, and be the one to tell them? This will strengthen your marketing's reliability, and could also help boost your SEO. 

 inbound 2018 recap insights hubspot sales marketing blog video

5. Successful customers are going to be your best source for new customers

Bringing it back to the idea of the Flywheel, but this was something that was brought up A LOT during Inbound. User generated content, reviews and testimonials are some of your most valuable pieces of content in the sales process. A tip I found very valuable was from ClassPass's Cara Friedman about user generated content. UGC probably is the most authentic content you can get, and it's also free(!!) - hence, you should encourage your users to create as much as possible. How? Make it easy for them. Place calls to action wherever you can. You should also make creating UGC a fun activity for your customers. How can you get them to create content that will benefit your brand, but also be of value for them? 


Those were some of our highlights from Inbound 2018 - what were yours??



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