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How To Create A Holiday Business Video

Posted by Tina Wold on Dec 6, 2018 10:31:07 AM
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The holiday season is upon us, and for companies, this means a great opportunity to thank customers for a great year through the medium of – *drumroll* – video! And to be honest, there’s no time like the present to start sending out holiday videos!

Instead of sending out the typical holiday card, you should send out a holiday video that shows off your team in a fun way!


How to create a holiday business video
Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating a holiday video for your business:


1. Include the whole team

Let the employees of your business have a little fun, and bring them together in making a holiday video for your business. Even though your marketing videos might be more professional and serious in topic and style during the rest of year, it doesn’t need to stop you from letting loose and having a little fun. Show your customers and followers that you can have fun as a team as well!

2. Step out of your comfort zone

Don’t be afraid to step a little outside of the oh so comfy comfort zone. People are usually in a good mood before and during the holiday season, and they will only appreciate that you helped put a smile on their faces. The holidays are perfect for trying out something new and taking a little creative risk.


3. Be yourself on camera

With a fun video like this, you should make sure that the people on camera let loose and show off their personalities. Your coworkers might not be that used to being on camera, and if you want them to talk straight to the camera, they might feel a little stiff and uncomfortable. Here’s some advice you can give to help combat this:

  1. Don’t overthink it. It doesn't have to be perfect. 

  2. Put a smile on that face. Smiling relaxes you! 

  3. You will most likely make mistakes! Just shake it off, laugh and try again!











This video is a great example of all the points mentioned above. The whole team is included, and the video is fun and different, and it lets the personality of the employees shine. They might have been a little uncomfortable in the beginning, but they made it work to their advantage. 

4. Personalise it for each customer

You can also easily personalise each video for each individual customer. You can change the intro of the video to include the first name and the company name, and that is more than enough to make it feel more authentic and personal. The rest of the video can be kept the same.

Ok, I know I need a Holiday video – now what?

So you’re convinced that a Holiday video is something that your team needs, now what? Now it’s only for you to start thinking about what kind of video you want to make. Do you want to interview some employees, create a video from an event or just show off what you have achieved this year?

One specific idea is to arrange an ugly Christmas sweater day at work and create your video the same day. Kill two birds with one stone: have a fun event at work, AND create a video when you’re all dressed properly for the festive season!


Go ahead, start spreading the holiday cheer! 



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