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Sopra Steria

Sopra Steria deepens community connections to support digital transformation for customers.


Sopra Steria is a leader in digital transformation, they have a strong partnership ethic and work closely with their clients to understand and find solutions to their many varied and specific challenges.

Behind that partnership ethic lies an even stronger internal and external communications strategy, empowering Sopra Steria to connect to both their internal and external community to drive their brand, growth, new technology, and customer experience.

Why did Sopra Steria approach VIBBIO?

Sopra Steria has used VIBBIO’s video creation software to support its communications strategy with video.

“We started with iPhones and iMovie, and now we are fortunate enough to use VIBBIO’s platform. We chose to go over to VIBBIO to save ourselves time. Within our team we have the competency to do much of it ourselves, but we need quick turnaround times and it can be difficult when our schedules are so busy, so VIBBIO was the right choice for us.”

“Video communication has been a huge part of Sopra Steria’s communication strategy through the last few years.” Megan Strand, Marketing and Communications Manager, Sopra Steria

Switch One: Brand

Building the Sopra Steria brand is a collaborative team effort

VIBBIO’s brand safeguarding, speed of video creation, versioning, and sharing images and clips via a 3TB library are ideal for busy organizations who want to champion inter-departmental communication.

"It’s no longer just us in the marketing department who are creating, or can create videos -- so it’s really important to set a clear brand style so that all the videos help build the brand further," says Megan.

Switch Two: Growth

Communication is at the center of our thriving business

From growth in engagement with striking visuals, hard-hitting messages, and thought-provoking film clips to recruiting super talent -- VIBBIO’s video creation software is supporting Sopra Steria’s internal and external growth strategies.

“Sopra Steria has now created 100s of videos using the VIBBIO tool, from branding campaigns and events to success stories and social recruitment campaigns. Videos are targeted to the one user we wish to reach, such as videos showcasing teams for client pitches, educational videos, and user expert interviews.”

Switch Three: Change

Embracing the new is what Sopra Steria have embedded

VIBBIO is helping Sopra Steria to embed culture, systems, visions, and values by creating video content that engages.

“Video breaks down the barriers and makes it easy for users to follow and understand what we’re trying to communicate. We live stream morning meetings with our CEO and different communities that we have within the organization. We use videos as a way of describing how to use new tools and devices that we have coming into the daily workflow,” says Megan.

Switch Four: Experience

Sopra Steria capture the attention of hard-working people

As people’s behavior and communication personality changes, VIBBIO provide Sopra Steria with the tools they need to adapt what they say, to who, and the channels they use.

“It is important to answer who we plan to communicate with and where we find them. If we answer this first, then we are more likely to create successful videos. Now, we always have to start with the punchline, otherwise audiences will fall off quickly. We have about 2 seconds on social media to capture someone’s attention, and maximum a minute even if you have the audience in front of you at an event."


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