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Scandic embraces the power of VIBBIO video creation to tempt travelers in airports to stay at their hotels.


Scandic is the largest Nordic hotel operator with a network of about 280 hotels with 57,000 rooms in six countries.

Scandic is passionate about delivering a world-class experience – not just for guests, but also for team members and owners. Its emphasis on sustainability is shown through its ‘hang up your towel’ initiative, which has since become a hotel standard around the world.

Why did Scandic choose VIBBIO?

As an international hotel chain, Scandic wanted to attract travelers across a number of channels. For example, Scandic uses VIBBIO to create videos for social media and TV screens in airports.

Scandic’s sustainability ethos is also reflected in their video creation and repurposing, as they use VIBBIO’s versioning feature to make personalizing videos for different regions easy.

Switch One: Brand

Showcasing a brand through engaging videos

Scandic needed to create a video highlighting the catering and dining options at its hotels. VIBBIO’s marketplace was the perfect place to find local resources to create the content.

“We ordered filming for a video about the breakfast buffet at our hotels, the video was mainly for Facebook. The ability to book filming through VIBBIO is great!” Mia Stern Madse, Content Marketer / Online Web Editor, Scandic Hotels

Switch Two: Growth

A cost-effective solution to attract new travelers

Every company has to work to a budget yet needs to invest in content to power further growth. VIBBIO’s competitive pricing and speed to market is an ideal combination to please content creators as well as heads of finance.

“With VIBBIO the threshold for producing videos is much lower as it is fast, easy and affordable. Also, VIBBIO offers good customer service.” Mia Stern Madse, Content Marketer / Online Web Editor, Scandic Hotels


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