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Elkjøp Norway

Elkjøp Norway has elevated its internal communication with on-the-go videos that resonate.


Elkjøp is the largest consumer electronics retailer in the Nordic countries with 400 stores and 10,000 employees across the region. The business is better known as Elgiganten in Sweden, Denmark and Greenland, and also operates under different brand names in Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

Today, 2,500 employees in Norway work towards a common goal: to provide customers with good value for their money, as well as a simple and enjoyable trade. To achieve this it is essential that Elkjøp has a solid and engaging communication strategy across their businesses, both internally among employees and externally to customers.

Why did Elkjøp approach VIBBIO?

Elkjøp’s communication team has used VIBBIO’s software to create multiple internal videos. VIBBIO’s easy-to-use video creation tool has empowered the Elkjøp team to be responsive to events, success, and key stories as they happen.

“At Elkjøp we really like on-the-go videos, selfie-videos, low-threshold videos, not too over-produced. We feel that this style really opens up the communication to include everyone, and we then relate to the whole organization. We then more easily trigger more people to participate.” Madeleine

Switch One: Brand

Being able to create brand-consistent video internally is a game-changer

VIBBIO’s one-time brand control and collaboration library allows departments within large organizations to have the confidence to share, edit, and publish compliant videos. Elkjøp are taking advantage of this benefit to be more courageous and experimental with the videos they produce.

“Since we started with VIBBIO, we feel that we have been able to really up our game, and we have dared to take our internal style of production out more externally also.” Madeleine Schøyen Bergli, Head of Communication, Elkjøp Norway

Switch Two: Growth

Communicating messages internally supports community growth

VIBBIO’s speedy video creation tool and versioning allows for more natural content production, which resonates with viewers as it feels genuine. It’s also the perfect opportunity to create greater internal engagement, and encourage colleagues and customers to contribute.

“I really like a show-and-tell, simple videos, with a clear context, that are easy to relate to and interact with. A recent ‘Customer’s Day’ video resulted in the submission of “2-300 images and lots of clips from our employees, so we now have loads of content to create videos from." Madeleine


images and clips gained from employees


employees to communicate and engage with internally


realistic videos including blooper videos