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4 Videos You Should Start Planning Now

Posted by Tana Blegen on Oct 31, 2018 10:43:43 AM
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Winter is here, and it's time to start thinking about what video content to create for the end of the year. Here are our four tips. 


The Christmas Card Video

It is common practice in the B2B-world to send out a nice Christmas/holiday-card to our customers and partners every year, either in the mail or via email. It is a nice gesture to let them know that you appreciate their business, and also a good way of reminding them of your company. However, as this is quite common, each individual card og greeting doesn't stand out as much as you probably hope. That's why you should create a holiday-video in stead! 


4 Videos You Should Start Planning Now


Here are some ideas you're free to use:

  • Shoot the video yourself using a simple camera or a smart phone, for that extra personal feeling. Want some tips on how to shoot good quality video yourself? Check out our tutorial here
  • Have your colleagues feature heavily in the video, not just the CEO/manager of the company. Show your customers that there are real people working every day to provide your services to them.
  • If you want to go that extra mile, you can create slightly different versions of the video for each customer - changing out the intro to include their first name and company can be more than enough, and you can keep the rest of the video the same. Read more about how you can order different versions here


The End-Of-The-Year-Report Video 

At the end of the year, we often want to communicate (*cough* brag *cough*) about all the milestones we hit that year in a yearly report. These reports can often be quite dry and boring for others to read, and it can be difficult to deliver the message with the enthusiasm you need in a PDF/presentation. Why not try out a video this year?


4 Videos You Should Start Planning Now


Here are some things you should keep in mind when creating a video like this: 

  • Keep it short - the videos should be 2 minutes maximum. If you think that is too short, you should use the video to portray some of the main highlights from the report, and use it as a teaser to encourage your audience to read the full report.
  • Tailor the message to your audience - which statistics or facts about your company will be most engaging for them? Make sure to structure the video based on this. 
  • Don't forget the hook. For videos with topics that can be perceived as boring, it's important to hook the viewers during the first three seconds, so that they will keep watching. Spend time crafting an engaging (but short) sentence to use as the hook. A good tip is to frame it as a question, a statement or a shocking statistic.


The New Years Video 

As with the Christmas card video, new years is a great opportunity to create engaging content. But instead of posting a photo of some fireworks, you should put a bit more effort into it and create a video instead. 


4 Videos You Should Start Planning Now


Here are some ideas for topics you could cover:

  • Industry recap - what went on in your industry this past year, and what is happening in the next? Use thought leadership to share knowledge with your peers and customers.
  • Company updates - is anything exciting coming up in the year ahead? Perhaps a new launch or event you are planning that your audience might be interested in? Use this video as a teaser for the next year, so that they know what to expect and look forward to.


The Internal Video 

With all the talk about video marketing, we tend to think of video in the context of external marketing and sales. But don't forget about your employees! Video is a great tool to keep them engaged as well. So instead of sending them an end-of-the-year email, you should create a video. 


4 Videos You Should Start Planning Now


Here are our tips on how to create a video that helps build a great culture: 

  • For this type of video, it can be a good idea for the CEO/manager to participate, to show the rest of the employees that he/she cares.
  • Be specific, not general. Share examples of great things each department has accomplished the past year - maybe you can even highlight some individuals who deserve that extra bit of praise.
  • If you have video clips from events filmed throughout the year, this is a great video to include them in. 
  • Ditch the corporate attitude - this video is for your employees, so it's OK to be more personal and authentic.




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